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Three Barn Farm

Maple City  Michigan

Our Apples

Located on the 45th Parallel brings delightful weather that makes orchards and vineyards thrive in Northern Michigan.  Our incredible area helps nurture our apple crop to bring the finest crops and juiciest apples.

Our unique crop of cider apples can help any cidery bring just the right flavor to their production.

Harry’s Master Jersey

Harry Master’s Jersey is a cider apple from Somerset, England, that produces a bittersweet, vintage cider and was first discovered in the early 1800’s. The apple is small, golf-ball sized, and conic, with dark burgundy over yellow russet color.

Virginia Crab

It is a small, flattened dull red apple ripe in September that makes a clear dry cinnamon-flavored cider.

WSU Crab

This cross between Prima and Alkemene is scab immune, has a beautiful upright shape and is covered with fragrant white flowers. In the fall it is loaded with tart small fruit great for making jelly, pickled fruit or blending in cider.

Bramley’s Seedling

Bramley’s Seedling is the definitive English cooking apple. It produces heavy crops of large apples with a sharp acidic flavor, which cook down to a smooth puree

Wickson Crab

Wickson apple is a perfect cider apple: spicy, with extraordinary sweetness and a pronounced acid tang. The Wickson apple is often the size of a large crab apple. The Wickson apples are reputed to make wonderful champagne cider. 

Roxbury Russet

Roxbury Russet is in most respects typical of that group of apples known as russets.  Although it has some tartness it is like all russets a fundamentally sweet apple.  It is also a fairly good keeper, an important attribute before the advent of modern storage methods.

Calville Blanc

The Calville Blanc d’ Hiver apple is  uniquely shaped medium to large size fruit, yellow skin with light red flush. Flesh is tender, sweet, spicy, flavorful, with a banana-like aroma more vitamin C than an orange.

Reinette Zebergau

fine-grained white flesh tinted green is crisp and moderately dense, with both crunch and chew. Zabergau’s flavors are tentative and delicate, balanced and with the merest hints of kiwi and lime.

Kingston Black

Kingston Black is a small dark red apple, formerly grown in the West Country cider-producing regions of England, and now a popular variety amongst cider enthusiasts.


GoldRush is an attractive smooth-skinned modern dessert apple, specifically developed for scab-resistance.  The flavor is good, typical of Golden Delicious but with a bit more acidity.  As a relatively new variety. There is not much experience yet, but it appears to be good at most of the things Golden Delicious is good at, including keeping well and with excellent juice.

Somerset Redstreak

A traditional English cider apple producing a bittersweet juice. Somerset Redstreak is one of the main commercial cider varieties planted in England.

Yarington Mills

Yarlngton Mill cider apples provide a  sweet to bittersweet English cider.

Reine De Pomme

Reine des Pommes is a well-regarded traditional French cider variety, producing a high-quality bittersweet juice.


The fruit is of sufficient quality to make a single varietal cider, and a number of commercial cider manufacturers produce ciders made solely or primarily with ‘Dabinett’ apples

Spitzenburg Esposus

The flesh is dense and buttery with a rich sharp yet sweet quality, great for eating fresh on a winter’s day – but also useful in the kitchen and good for juicing.


The Redfield apple is pink to dark red skin with some russetting, and inside, dark, slightly dry red flesh. The Redfield apple is not ideal for fresh-eating, but great baking, cider, vinegar and jelly


a cross between the crisp Golden Delicious and the blush-crimson Jonathan. They form a large sweet fruit with a thin skin. Because of their large size, they are now favored by commercial growers in many parts of the world

Brown Snout

The Brown Snout apple skin is smooth, slightly waxy, often with slight flush orange; russet  around eye, hence the name.  The flesh white, soft and dry with slight astringency. Cider only.

Golden Russet

The Golden Russet was prized as the “champagne” of old-time cider apples, also delicious for eating out of hand and drying. The Golden Russet apple is golden bronze with a coppery orange cheek; heavily splotched with light brown russet. Crisp, highly flavored, fine-textured, yellow flesh makes very sugary juice.


Gala apple tree is a noted grandchild of Cox’s Orange Pippin, with some of the aromatic qualities of the famous apple, but very crisp and sweet without the tang of Cox.

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